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New Climate's mission includes fostering discussion to help develop our collective understanding of sustainability. Nina's writing goes behind the technical aspects of carbon accounting, eco-efficiency and business innovation to the larger question facing us: how must we live together on a small planet, to meet our needs today and ensure opportunity and peaceful co-existence for our children? Determining how will we live, what may we consume, what must we learn (and un-learn), and how will we get there - and sharing these reflections through her well-respected story-telling skills form the basis of much of Nina's writing.
Please click below to access published work.

Business In Vancouver newspaper
Monthly column on Sustainability, focused particularly on the business case, emerging trends, business responses. Access stories here.

Shared Vision magazine (renamed Today's Vancouver Woman)
Monthly column examining socially responsible investing and wider issues of wealth, well-being, consumption and equity. Access stories here.

CBC Radio News
A radio news story from Nina's CBC days, a 1994 story about GMO foods, is still broadcasting via web. Listen here.

BC Hydro Connected
Hydro's monthly e-newsletter that encourages power conservation. Find a list of stories here.


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